How A Recruiter Can Help You Get The Job

If your job is making you feel like putting Beyonce’s “Break My Soul” on repeat, it is time to get your search in gear.

Working effectively with a recruiter is a great way to get your search on the right track and help you meet your goals quickly.

Specialized recruiters know your space and skillset. They are able to best represent you to their clients because they understand your experience and can help translate your fit for the role. A good relationship with your recruiter can be the difference in getting yourself noticed amongst tight competition.

They know the job market best and can help answer questions that will help you refine your search and position you for the job you want.

So how can you get the most from the relationship with your recruiter?


Timely communication on both ends is how we will get this done together.

Your feedback is key. We use it in our conversations with clients to help guide the interview process and get all your questions answered. The more we know about you and your job search motivations, the better.

We work with clients in a variety of styles.  In most cases, they look to us as a conduit, but there are clients that will communicate with you directly.  We can still be really helpful behind the scenes here too. To do the best job representing you, our HireMinds team needs a comprehensive picture of what is happening in real-time.  We can use your feedback to help escalate potential issues or get your questions answered better throughout the process.

Feel free to ask questions if you have any uncertainty on process or timing.


When representing you, we promise to convey information quickly and accurately. In turn, we appreciate you keeping us aware of changes affecting your candidacy and availability.

Our job is to find the best talent for our clients, and we know you are in high demand. Our team realizes you may have 2-4 other interviews in parallel to the ones we introduce you to in today’s robust job market. We understand your search will need to move quickly. We even understand if other jobs rank higher than the ones we introduce you to. That is OK, just keep us aware of your evolving thoughts with honest rapport.

We can help speed up the process so you can have a full picture of all your opportunities to review at once. Or, in some cases we can help you understand any limitations in the process that will impact your timing, so you can can make an informed decision.


As soon as we become aware of client updates regarding your candidacy, we will pick up the phone and call you.  If you don’t hear from us, it means we are working on getting feedback. 

If we aren’t meeting your expectations, feel free to ask for an update.

In turn, we ask that you return our calls, texts, or emails the first chance you get to keep the process fluid. Timing is key in job search these days, so we always keep your and our client’s best interests in mind.  

Also, If you have a preferred form of communication or certain times that are best for update calls, let your recruiter know. We understand you have competing demands for your time.  Keep us informed of any changes that may affect your availability, such as pending interview scheduling updates, new interviews that come up, any changes in your work demands with your current employer, and even travel/vacation plans upcoming. 


We promise not to share your personal information, resume, search status or any other information you share without your permission. We ask in turn that all candidates keep confidential the information we share specific to our clients.  Specifically, we ask that candidates not share any proprietary information about our clients to other job seekers or other recruiters.  Many times you are under a Confidentiality Agreement (CDA/NDA) if a client is in “Stealth-mode” so we find it is best to keep details between you, the company, and HireMinds confidential.


  • Have your most current resume ready.
  • Compile a list of potential references in advance. We recommend you gather 2-4 people, including at least one former manager, as your interview progresses.  Remember, an informed references is the best reference. Make certain your references are prepared to speak on your behalf by letting them know about your job search and getting their agreement to serve as a reference. A former direct supervisor is typically the best reference representation. But if you are unable to identify a former supervisor, find someone with whom you worked closely and can best talk about your contributions.

Looking for a job can be time consuming and stressful, but an experienced recruiter can be an exceptional advocate for you in your job search. 

HireMinds has several qualified recruiters to help you in the Marketing and Life Sciences fields, but if you are not working the relationship effectively it can alter your outcomes.  Keep these tips in mind to work with your HireMinds talent advisor.  Help us help you.  HireMinds’ team thanks you for trusting your career advancement with us and we ultimately want to do our best to help you perform well.

Chris Clancy is an Associate Vice President and Practice Lead for HireMinds Biotech and Life Sciences team. He and his team have successfully delivered on over 200 Biotech search assignments over his decade of work. Bringing a high level of integrity and attention to fine detail to his campaigns, Chris is a preferred leader in the search for top-performing laboratory to leadership talents in the areas of: Discovery Biology, Discovery Chemistry, Computational Biology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Toxicology, Translational Biology, Preclinical Development, Process Development, Manufacturing, CMC, Program Management, Clinical, and Regulatory roles from the Executive level down through the reporting structure.

Outside of work Chris is passionate about helping raise awareness for Cystic Fibrosis, Parkinson’s, Epilepsy, Cancer Research, and other critical need disease areas through philanthropic fundraising for research to fund potential cures. He is also a die-hard fan of the Patriots, Red Sox, and Celtics. And he’s hopelessly addicted to GIFs and Memes. Our Teams chats can confirm that!