3 Reasons Why Having a Conversation with a Recruiter is NEVER a Waste of Time

If you have ever received a message from a Recruiter, you probably have a good understanding of what our end goal is: to place you in a job. And while that may be true, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are only interested in speaking with you to place you in that specific job, at that exact moment in time.

Maybe you aren’t actively looking, maybe you are just curious to hear more, maybe you just need some advice.

Here are 3 reasons why it is never a bad idea to be open to a conversation with a Recruiter.

  • We could help you find your dream job, when you’re ready

Sure, you are not looking for a new opportunity right now. But chances are, you have career goals and an idea of where you’d like to be in 3, 5, 10 years. If you have a general conversation with a Recruiter, they will not only ask you questions about your current position and your experience, but also about what you would be hoping for in a next step, whenever that may be.

Recruiters have access to opportunities that are not posted on your typical job boards, and that you may never hear about otherwise. Understanding your career goals will help your Recruiter keep you in mind for opportunities that align with your interests, and they can alert you when something comes along that you might be interested in hearing about – whether that’s a week following your conversation, or a year!

  • We can provide you with insight to the current job market

Even if you are not interested in hearing about what specific opportunities are available, understanding how many roles like yours (or the next step up from yours) are open can give you a sense of how the job market is moving, and can help you plan ahead for if and when you do want to explore a new possibility. We can provide you with insight to trends in your field, and what you can expect from hiring managers in the future. We are also able to help you understand market value for roles in your field. That valuable market info can help you plan for your next move, whether it’s at another company, or even within your current organization.

  • We can help you with other job search, profile and interview tips

Say you are looking for a new opportunity, however the specific position your Recruiter reached out to you about does not excite you. This does not mean your recruiter cannot offer you assistance! In addition to being able to keep you in mind for other opportunities that may be a better fit and providing you with insight to the current job market, we can give you advice on things like your resume and interviewing skills. Recruiters typically would never share your resume without speaking with you first and confirming your interest in an opportunity, so sharing it and asking for feedback can only help you. Hint – Recruiters, and hiring managers, love to see a clean, organized resume that is easy to read and that highlights your accomplishments. We can also provide helpful tips for interviewing to help you feel confident and prepared for every conversation.

The next time a Recruiter reaches out to you, think twice before letting them know you are not interested in a conversation. Consider what else you can get out of making the connection with them. As I always like to say, it never hurts to have a relationship in place for if and when the time is right!