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With over 25 years of specialized experience, we’ve helped hundreds of companies hire thousands of people.

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We aim for 24-48 hours for the first resume submission.

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On average, placed HireMinds candidates stay in their jobs for over 3 years.

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84% of the offers we extend on behalf of our clients are accepted.

What Clients Say About Us

Any recruiter can send you candidates. But HireMinds truly understands how to screen talent, and they only send me the best prospects. It’s a huge time-saver.

– Adam Medros, edX

I've successfully hired several top life sciences professionals through HireMinds. They know who the best people are and how to reach them.

– Dr. Scott Perkins, DVM

HireMinds has consistently been my "go-to" search firm for our most important positions.

– Phil Gardner, IANS Research

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

  • What types of jobs do you recruit for?

    Marketing, Life Sciences and Finance & Accounting. Those are our areas of expertise. Many of our recruiters worked in the industry before joining our team and our specializations help us find you qualified talent faster.

  • We are with you for the entire hiring journey, from position definition through on-boarding.  We follow a specific set of steps to ensure that you get the new hire you’re looking for:

    Intake: Understanding the job spec is important but understanding your culture and the type of person who will thrive in it – and those who won’t – is arguably more important.  We spend time upfront to understand the kind of person who can do the job AND fit in well.  We also take time to understand what makes YOUR company special, developing the best messaging to “sell” the opportunity to top candidates. If possible, we will visit your office, meet key stakeholders, and craft a winning message accordingly.

    Research: After the intake session, we conduct research to create a comprehensive list of candidates to target for outreach.  This list includes candidates sourced via our 100,000+ person internal database, industry resources, referrals, social media, external databases, and more. 

    Recruit: Now that the messaging is complete and we have a comprehensive list of target candidates, we begin our direct outreach.  This outreach includes contacting employees of direct competitors located locally, regionally or nationally as appropriate.

    Screen: Combining behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques, we screen candidates for the skills and cultural fit qualifications as outlined in the Intake phase.

    Interviewing: We facilitate the interview scheduling, preparation, and debrief process – providing both parties with high value information to move the process to the next appropriate step.

    Acceptance: We provide consultation and negotiation on all elements surrounding an employment offer. This includes “hands-on” involvement to ensure that the targeted candidate accepts the offer and becomes a long term employee.

  • We recruit nationally and have clients all over the US. But, one of the things that makes HireMinds special is our narrow focus in our areas of expertise in Marketing, Life Sciences and Finance & Accounting.

  • Let’s face it. There are fewer talented marketing and science professionals than there are open positions in the greater Boston area. Which means that some companies will succeed in hiring while others will not.  How can you be sure that you are reaching the best people? These days, skilled professionals are barraged with job postings and leads on new opportunities.

    HireMinds can help cut through the noise by crafting a custom message about what makes your organization special, and bringing that message directly to the most talented professionals. Because we are experts in the disciplines we recruit for, we are more likely to get the attention of the people you are looking for. They take our calls when they might reject outreach from other firms.