Tis the season, jobseekers! Make a list – and check it twice! But please…ONLY APPLY ONCE.

So, you’re kicking off a job search, and your optimism is running high.  The perfect job is out there, and you want it! You click to apply thinking you’ll track it later, but in an instant, another job pops up.  After applying to that one, you’ve completely forgotten about the first. If that job pops up again tomorrow, will you remember you applied?  Or if a recruiter offers to provide a warm introduction to the hiring manager for that very same position, will you remember to share that you’ve already applied?

If you haven’t made a list, chances are: NO.

You may think applying multiple times for a job is no big deal.  Hiring managers will be impressed by your interest and motivation, right?

WRONG. A company that receives your resume multiple times during your job search won’t be wowed by your enthusiasm. In fact, the hiring team will most likely think you are not excited about them or the position, or you are unfocused in your search.  They figure that if their role made an impression at all, you would KNOW you already applied, and would anxiously be awaiting a response. This is true whether you apply directly or have a recruiter(s) reach out on your behalf.

The Spray and Pray

One of our clients wouldn’t see a candidate because that candidate had applied to multiple roles over the years at her former employer and had previously applied for a role that was too junior for him. Her perception was that he was just “spraying and praying” with his applications. Don’t be that guy.

Lists Ain’t Just for Santa

Keeping a real-time list of the jobs you’ve applied for is a MUST.

Your list doesn’t have to be complex to be useful.  Just jot down these 4 things every time you apply for a job:

  1. The title for the position
  2. The company you applied to OR the agency you applied through
  3. The date you applied
  4. Was there a response, follow-up or next step?

If you find you’re qualified for multiple jobs at a company of interest, send your resume for the role that fits you BEST. Then let the hiring managers internally decide if they want to reach out about their other positions that match your qualifications.

Get Your Very Own Rudolph to Guide You

Want to avoid a situation where that application list is growing long, and your patience (or bank account) is growing short?

Get a recruiter in your corner right from the start of your search. A good recruiter will be forthright, ask insightful questions, and earn your trust. Good recruiters spend many years building relationships and can introduce you, directly, to companies and opportunities that excite you.

So, diligent jobseeker –  what’s the game plan?  Great question!

Partner with a HireMinds recruiter and…

  • Get introduced to opportunities you want to pursue.
  • Show up to an interview where the hiring manager is already excited about you
  • Be prepared, on time, and well informed every step of the way
  • Rely upon a trusted advisor to work through challenging decisions
  • Land the job you deserve

Whether you plan to send out just a few resumes, or a whole flurry of them – start by getting on the right track by partnering with a HireMinds Recruiter! We won’t let you apply to the same position twice!

Kristin Kerouac specializes in contract, contract-to-hire and freelance placements on our contract team that focuses on marketing, design and science hires. Reach out to her today to help guide you in your search: kristen@hireminds.com.