Empower Your Team and Enhance Company Culture: The Importance of Employee Giving Programs

Employees are no longer just looking for a paycheck and title. According to a report from Porter Novelli, 88% of respondents said working for a company with a strong sense of purpose is more important than ever before.

Today is Giving Tuesday, a global generosity movement propelling the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and beyond. Employee giving programs can be a great way to make an impact and support your employees and prospective employees.

Giving back can look different depending on your organization

  • Making charitable donations
  • Volunteering
  • Helping a neighbor
  • Showing kindness and paying it forward
  • Donating your time or talent
  • Supporting the environment
  • Talking about it on social media to give a voice to your cause!

Organizations can participate regardless of size. At HireMinds, we have fostered a culture of giving for many years. We launched the “Hearts of HireMinds” program in 2022 which is a CSR program set around collective goals and interests. This program was the mastermind of two HireMinds employees, Anna Strahle and Claire Anderson, who got the ball in motion and helped us develop a strategy for our annual giving programs.

Hearts of HireMinds is a perfect example of how you can really listen to your employees and develop initiatives that align with your vision and values. Empowering your employees to give back to the organizations that matters to them can be a very important part of any talent and retention strategy.

Hearts of HireMinds invest in causes throughout the year from donations, volunteering, educational series, wellness initiatives and DEIB efforts.

Here are a few examples that may resonate with your organization

  • For Giving Tuesday, we will participate in our 2nd annual Holiday initiative through Action for Boston Community Development. The ABCD Adopt a Family program pairs HireMinds with a family in need. We have various donation goals to ensure families have warm clothing, bedding and gifts this holiday season. As of this morning, we have raised over $1,850 for our family!
  • Every month we have supported a different initiative from recycling, charitable donations, clothes donations, gratitude month to a month of pay-it-forward.
  • Millie is a social impact program that allows employees to support the charity of their choice. We add money to employee’s Millie wallets throughout the year- sometimes as prizes, awards or recognition. And we offer a match. The team appreciates being able to give back, especially how it allows them to support the causes that mean most to them personally.
  • We have supported organizations like Jobs for the Future and Career Collaborative contributing to underrepresented individuals entering the workforce.
  • For our company Summer Outing, we started the day off by giving back to our local community in Boston. We sent the team out to purchase supplies to build and donate backpacks for vulnerable children through the Pieces of Home project.
  • Every year we do the HireMinds 100 Mile Challenge where we walk, run, mosey, trot or cycle our way to giving back. HireMinds supports us with $1.50 per mile in our Millie wallet and we love it every year.
  • We hold monthly wellness and well being sessions spanning sleep health, mental health, financial health and more.
  • Every year we make a donation to Project Elf, delivering holiday gifts to those in need.
  • We have been a long time supporter of Time to Vote. And while we always have unlimited PTO, we make sure each election day is a meeting-free day, supporting the team’s ability to get out and vote.

Your corporate initiatives for giving back can and should look different. They should embody your culture and demonstrate the initiatives that are important to your team and network. Get giving!

Michelle Holahan is VP, Head of Employer Brand at HireMinds. She specializes in recruiting digital marketing, media and analytics professionals, and helping to educate clients on the power of employer branding.