Case Study: Biopharma based in Boston – Hiring for New Product Launch


On the heels of a product approval in the U.S. and E.U., they needed to build a team of communicators and patient advocates.

Key Stakeholder:

The Head of Corporate Affairs and Investor Relations, a former client and candidate, had been a team of one and she needed to rapidly hire a team


The company engaged HireMinds because they:

  • Had a need that was urgent and critical
  • Wanted extensive coverage of the national market, especially where they didn’t have a strong network
  • Valued the established relationships we had with candidates who had expertise in corporate, product, digital and employee communications as well as global patient advocacy
  • Wanted their story told in the marketplace to increase brand awareness

Over a two- year period, we built a team, hiring five people – from the Senior Manager to Senior Director levels.


  • Number of candidates submitted for each search – 6.6
  • Percentage of submitted candidates who client interviewed for each search – 81%
  • Number of days/months from when the search started until there was an accepted offer – 72.4 days/2.4 months

Stakeholder Feedback:

  • The candidates were highly qualified and well vetted. We had tough decisions to make and are thrilled with our new hires.
  • Scott worked well with our entire team and kept the process moving forward. He listened, shared his thoughts based on market trends and delivered as promised.
  • He asks impactful, detailed questions about the positions, the company and our culture. Beyond a resume, he helped me understand a candidate’s motivation, strengths and developmental areas and other qualities that you can’t find on a piece of paper. He used my time wisely and made sure the process moved along steadily so that we wouldn’t lose out to competitive offers.

Scott White specializes in recruiting communications and marketing professionals for Boston area life sciences companies. Find Scott on LinkedIn here or email him at