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Job ID: 16190 Contract MA

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The Freelance SEO and SEM Analyst is responsible for ensuring that our clients online content can be found and viewed by potential and current customers. This analyst is part of a marketing team and is an important part in the planning of the business' marketing campaign. With their technical expertise, SEO and SEM analysts provide insight into search engine optimization and the user experience with digital content; they can relate this information to marketing managers to help shape the marketing campaign to be more successful.

This position also involves developing and implementing the best marketing ideas in order to make our product the most attractive to customers.  Ad placements/buys and link back relationships are a key element of this role.

SEO and SEM Analyst Skills

  • Define and implement search marketing strategies and activities.
  • Assess websites and tools to recommend keywords, link strategies, and web analytics.
  • Create, automate, and track search and traffic metrics.
  • Educates marketing team on the best use of the search engine in a particular geography
  • Has knowledge of different search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, and other relevant engines.
  • Is well versed in proven online ad placement properties
  • Understands how to position in the best way to compete for users, keeping ad costs down and conversions up.
  • Develop programs to find the best and most numerous search results.
    Collaborate with design and content staff to ensure projects are aligned with marketing objectives and expectations.
  • Monitor and track utilization, performance and traffic analytics to optimize keyword efforts.
  • Build and implement online strategies and goals through web marketing.
  • Manage budget and resources for online services.


  • SEO SEM managers must be creative.
  • They must be proficient in developing strategies to present their product's visibility in a positive light.
  • Their basic function is to increase the amount of money their company receives by increasing the use of their product on the market.