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Our Global Biologics client is looking to add a Principal Data Scientist to their team to support their Immuno-Oncology programs here in Cambridge, MA!  It is an exciting time to be a part of the Discovery teams!  This role will help with designing experiments, manage data, and use advanced statistical, machine learning, as well as computational techniques to discover new targets either to stop the growth of cancer or re-awaken the immune system to eradicate the cancer. Furthermore, the Data Scientist will collaborate with Early Development teams to guide the development of molecules against those targets with data-driven biomarker plans.  Other responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Work with project teams to define scientific questions that can be addressed with an appropriately powered experimental designs
  • Supply any computational, statistical, machine learning, or modeling capability needed to synthesize from this design actionable recommendations relative to the team’s question
  • In collaboration with project teams, propose analysis strategies for target discovery, using methods based for instance on differential expression, co-regulation, correlated amplification, recurrent alterations, etc.; in so doing, also help devise statistical metrics for deciding significance, and ranking schemes for integrating data from many sources
  • Identify targets and biological contexts (e.g., T or B-cell repertoire, immune phenotypes, copy number, mutational, or expression signatures) in which therapies are likely to be beneficial by mining immune, genetic, genomic or screening data
  • Identify from patient and model system databases the epidemiology of these biological contexts and targets
  • Develop biomarker plans (e.g., selection, PD, efficacy) in collaboration with project teams
  • Manage and develop group of one or more associates and/ or contractors


  • Ph.D. in a computational, statistical, biophysics, or bioinformatics related fields.
  • A minimum of 8+ years project-based work in computational application to biology related fields, preferably Immuno-Oncology
  • Statistical programming skills like SAS/S-plus, R/Bioconductor and pipeline pilot or equivalents
  • Excellent understanding of immunology and hands-on research experience investigating complex lymphoid and/or myeloid cell subsets
  • First-hand multi-parametric data mining experience for target identification and biomarker discovery. For example, multivariate analysis; dimensionality reduction methods; parametric and non-parametric statistical methods; Bayesian statistics; pattern recognition or classification methods.
  • First-hand experience at integrating publicly or commercially available genetic, genomic, and immune datasets with novel experimental data to identify testable hypotheses
  • Developed communication and presentation skills and a successful track record of collaborating with cross-functional project teams
  • Demonstrated ability to lead projects of moderate scope, mapping-out critical path, milestones and timelines, as well as manage customer expectations with minimal supervision