VP of Platform (Epigenome Editing)

VP of Platform (Epigenome Editing)
Location: Cambridge, MA

  HireMinds is partnered with a biotech founded by pioneers of CRISPR technologies who have conceived an RNA modulation platform focusing on diseases of high unmet need. Utilizing technology based on novel CRISPR-Cas systems this team  can precisely and efficiently engineer the transcriptome without permanent modification of the DNA genome.  They are seeking your expertise as a Director in molecular and cellular biology expertise to lead a cutting edge team (3+ FTEs) on platform development.  You will guide Gene Regulation platform efforts, optimizing the technology and providing proof-of-concept for new and exciting applications in novel therapeutic areas. You will guide studies with molecular and cellular methodologies and develop target engagement assays to systematically test novel applications of the technology in vitro.  You’ll have a chance to make a significant scientific impact by building a team and will work closely with colleagues and the scientific founders to drive forward the research and development strategy in this growing biotech environment. If you are ready for an exciting leadership role in epigenetic editing contact the HireMinds Biotech team today to learn more and apply. 

In This Role You’ll Be Responsible For: 

•    Providing Scientific leadership by directing research activities of a team of ~5 Scientists/Research Associates focused on developing our RNA targeting technology with industrial, state of the art synthetic biology tools
•    Designing a research programs for the delivery of technology using insights from virology and vector engineering peers
•    Evaluate new therapeutic opportunities for gene regulation including epigenome editing
•    Developing deep domain expertise through keeping updated on latest literature and engagement with external advisors at key conferences in the field
•    Independently execute studies, analyze data, share the conclusions and propose follow up experiments to key stakeholders
•    Partner with the disease biology and delivery science colleagues to optimize lead design and screening methods
•    Technology and assay development,  Lead RNA Cas ortholog discovery
•    Develop effector engineering efforts for improving activity and specificity
•    Establish effector characterization platform encompassing efficacy, tox, specificity, and packaging size to understand effectiveness of technology
•    Design and clone novel DNA constructs using state-of-the-art cloning strategies
•    Examine data and prepare technical reports, summaries, and present finds to team
•    Draft and review Protocols and SOPs
•    Work in a team environment, collaborating with various colleagues across multiple departments

You’ll Bring With You: 
•    PhD in Cellular or Molecular Biology with 8+ years of industry (Biotech or Pharmaceutical) experience and relevant Postdoctoral tenure of study
•    Demonstrated experience with protein expression and translational regulation with a strong publication record.
•    Extensive knowledge and experience with molecular cloning and DNA plasmid design, nucleic acid isolation, PCR, qPCR and molecular detection techniques
•    Extensive experience with mammalian tissue culture and cell-based assays design
•    Familiarity with next-generation sequencing (NGS) methods
•    Excellent planning, organization, and time management skills, including the ability to support and prioritize multiple projects and guide team activities to meet company goals
•    Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving organization which requires flexibility, and a willingness to take on novel discovery efforts through implementing new strategies and by applying cutting-edge technologies and methods
•    Analytical thinking with excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to changing priorities and deadlines