Sr Scientist, Gene Editing & DNA Repair

Sr Scientist, Gene Editing & DNA Repair

The Role:

Cambridge based company seeks an enthusiastic, experienced, and motivated scientist to contribute to portfolio expansion initiatives.  The successful candidate will possess a curious scientific mind, flexible intellect, and the ability to effectively matrix with cross-functional teams.  The candidate will leverage his/her/their deep scientific expertise in DNA repair pathways and/or gene editing (CRISPR/Cas, ZFN, megaTAL or other nucleases) to lead discovery research to characterize the activity of mRNA-encoded proteins against disease targets of interest in cell culture and preclinical models.  This role will have the opportunity to make an impact through pioneering foundational protocols and experimental strategy leveraging a broad array of molecular and cellular biological approaches.  He/she/they will be key contributors to building the team and culture for this new initiative. 


Here’s What You’ll Do:

  • Apply deep expertise in mammalian cell biology, DNA repair and/or gene editing to design experiments to identify, characterize and optimize mRNA-encoded gene editors

  • Design, develop, and deploy a variety of assays spanning a range of approaches including PCR, NGS library construction, westerns, capillary electrophoresis westerns (Protein Simple), MSD/ELISA, and other molecular and cellular biological techniques

  • Collaborate with core functional groups to execute specialized analyses (e.g. computational biology, in vivo pharmacology, protein engineering, disease experts)

  • Design and oversee the execution and analysis of studies to identify and demonstrate translatable efficacy endpoints and target pathway modulation in preclinical models in collaboration with therapeutic area experts


Here’s What You’ll Bring to the Table:

  • A PhD in Cell or Molecular Biology, Genetics or related field with 5+ years of post-graduate experience. 

  • Ability to independently design, analyze, and trouble-shoot controlled experiments

  • Innovation and versatility to conceive and evolve research plans based on current and emerging scientific literature

  • Extensive experience in mammalian cell culture-based experimentation including propagation, transfection, electroporation of cell lines and primary cells.

  • Depth and breadth of experience in molecular and cellular techniques

  • Expertise in NGS methods and data analysis including library construction approaches, MiSEQ operation, and running and/or leveraging computational pipelines for sequencing analysis is a plus.

  • Excellent scientific judgment and a track record of success

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, and ability to maintain detailed research records. 

  • Experience working independently and collaboratively in small teams.

  • Ability to work