Senior Scientist, Computational Biology

Senior Scientist, Computational Biology
Cambridge, MA

Our client is a startup pharmaceutical company, which recently closed a Series A financing to develop an innovative pipeline of Protein-Editing Therapies. It is dedicated to improving the lives of patients with the development of first-in-class tRNA-based therapeutics targeting protein dysfunction.

Role: Senior Scientist, Computational RNA Biology

The Senior Scientist Computational RNA Biology is responsible for providing oncology and non-oncology expertise and bioinformatics knowledge to achieve the company’s scientific objectives. Key responsibilities include the use of Machine Learning and other bioinformatics tools to gain insight into RNA sequences, and their relationship to structure, and function to advance our high throughput discovery platform. The Scientist is expected to work in close collaboration with internal colleagues, external investigators, academic researchers, and internal stakeholders, and participates in writing, reviewing and presenting abstracts, publications and other scientific documents. A successful candidate should possess skills necessary to understand basic molecular biology experimental studies.


  • Train, optimize, and evaluate machine learning models to enhance tRNA design and formulation.
  • Use model interpretation tools to shape experimental strategies that leverage NGS related approaches with proprietary and public data sources.
  • Work with RNA biologists and bioengineers to acquire datasets to improve the performance of our machine learning models.
  • Develop and maintain version-controlled code with software best practices.
  • Aid in processing, analyzing, and interpreting high dimensional NGS data.
  • Effectively communicate technical information to both technical and non-technical collaborators. Identify core challenges, evaluate tradeoffs, and incorporate feedback to make decisions.
  • Mentor associates and engineers.


  • PhD degree in bioinformatics, cell biology, molecular biology or a related discipline
  • 5+ years of working experience in a pharma, biotech or academic setting focused on oncology
  • Deep understanding of cancer biology and genetics.
  • Experience with processing, analysis, and interpretation/presentation of next-generation sequencing data. 
  • Proficiency in Linux cluster computer environment.
  • Experience in working with public cancer genomics databases such as TCGA, ICGC, COSMIC, cBioPortal.
  • Experience and knowledge of standard cellular and molecular biology techniques (Cell culture, ELISA, Cell-based assays, Immunofluorescence, Western blotting, Microscopy, RNA/DNA isolation, qPCR)
  • Experience related to RNA biology and cancer immunology is desired

Preferred Skills

  • Foundational understanding in RNA biology and biochemistry.
  • Familiarity with RNA secondary structure prediction tools such as RNAStructure, RNAFold, or Eternafold, Locarna etc is strongly preferred.
  • Experience analyzing data from SHAPE-Map, DMS-Map, Ribo-seq, Mutate and map experiments
  • Familiarity with model interpretation tools such as SHAP, LIME etc.
  • Experience with the design of expression vectors
  • Hands-on experience using Amazon Web Services or similar cloud or HPC computing environments.