Senior Scientist, Biochemistry & HTS

Senior Scientist, Biochemistry & HTS

Location: Boston, MA

  HireMinds is seeking your talents for an exciting growing biotech partner of ours. In this role You will work on exciting drug discovery and innovative cancer therapeutics. You will bring an expertise in screen and biochemistry/biophysical assay development to this role in the lab. As a Senior Scientist you will help develop biochemical assays and biophysical properties of new targets in uncovering MOA. You will help the founders of this company develop cutting edge science and work in with a dynamic team of drug developers as you continue to grow your own career in their exciting field of protein degradation and ubiquitin inhibitors. Contact the HireMinds Biotech team today to learn more.


You will be responsible for:

  • Design and execute screening campaigns on protein degradation, protein-protein, and protein-ligand programs of interest
  • Study mechanism-of-action using biochemical, biophysical, and enzymological assays and techniques
  • Working collaboratively with Chemistry and Biology teams to present results of you analyzed screening findings
  • A Hunger for Seeking the latest breakthroughs or applicable technologies in the field to bring to the team and adapt to the lab when appropriate
  • Ability to capture data with ELN, LIMS systems, and corresponding automated data systems


You will have the following qualifications:

  • Ph.D. in Biochemistry with 5+ years of industry experience in Biotech or Pharmaceutical drug discovery
  • Expertise with biochemical assays designed for protein-protein interactions and biophysical assays including Biacore SPR, TR-FRET, Fluorescence polarization, and Alpha Screen technologies/techniques
  • Hands-on experience with design and execution of plate-based assays and screening campaigns
  • Experience in a highly automated lab environment and exposure to hands-on automation is highly desired
  • Ability to be a team-player and communicate well within the team and present externally to key opinion leaders within the organization
  • Excited to contribute to a top-notch team of Scientists in attacking yet-to-be-drugged targets