Senior RA/Associate Scientist, Immunology

Our innovative small molecule client in Boston has a drug development platform that addresses a variety of disease areas, and you could be the immunologist they need for unlocking even more therapeutic range in their discovery efforts.  

At the heart of this position is novel work with primary/immune cells to support exploratory efforts. If you’re an immune cell expert, and passionate about immunology, contact us today to learn more about this opportunity.

Responsibilities include but not limited to:

  • Routine primary cell culture
  • Cell isolation, culture, differentiation, and functional assays
  • Troubleshooting experimental design/assay optimization
  • Novel biochemical assay development
  • Endpoint/report gene assay running, as well as molecular biology techniques
  • Generating and analyzing data that allows you to have a meaningful impact on the direction of the company’s discovery programs


  • 2+ years post BS laboratory research experience, preferably focused on immunology
  • Practice with bioassay development
  • Proficiency with a range of biochemical and molecular biology methods
  • Excellent communication and organizational skills


Apply today via HireMinds to learn more about what your future would look like with this fantastic team.