Senior Associate Scientist, Cell Culture (Scale Up & Expression)

Senior Associate Scientist, Cell Culture (Scale Up & Expression)
Location: Waltham, MA


  HireMinds is seeking your expertise to help an established biotech that has ample funding and major Pharmaceutical partnerships.  You’ll bring to this role your hands-on experience with molecular cloning, protein expression, and mammalian cell culturing scale-up to aid the development of a pipeline of biologic therapeutic antibodies.  You’ll bring your hands-on experience in the production of monoclonal antibodies and/or multi-specific antibodies to their cell culture team. You should have past experience with mammalian cell lines including expi-CHO and Expi-293 cell lines is especially sought to add to this team.  If this role sounds like an exciting next step for your career reach out to Camille Mauge today on the HireMinds team to learn more and apply. 

You’ll Be Responsible For: 

•    Plan and execute on hands-on experiments with mammalian cell culture, molecular cloning, and protein/antibody production
•    Working on Scale-up of Small to Large scale expression of recombinant proteins in mammalian cell lines 
•    Hands-on molecular biology skills including: bacterial culture and transformation, PCR, cloning, DNA purification, restriction digestion, sequence analysis and vector construction
•    Sequence analysis, vector construction, plasmid annotation, maintenance of plasmid database
•    Performance of plasmid purification by mini-, midi-, maxi and giga-preps along with maintenance of bacterial stocks
•  Analyze data findings and communicate results to management and teammates to progress programs
•    Maintain an excellent record of experiments in an electronic laboratory notebook following company guidelines for best-practices and adhere to company SOPs

You’ll Bring With You: 

•    B.S/ M.S. in Cellular or Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Bioengineering or related discipline and 3+ years of biotech or pharmaceutical experience
•    Documented experience with aseptic techniques and mammalian cell culture scale-up experience is required
•    Direct experience with mammalian cell lines:  expi-CHO and Expi-293 is required 
•    Expertise with molecular biology techniques such as Gibson assembly, Golden Gate and CRISPR
•    Experience with protein purification through use of affinity chromatography, SEC, ion exchange is preferred
•    Familiarity with protein characterization techniques (SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, ELISA, BLI, etc.) is a plus
•    Experience using DNA analysis and design tools such as SnapGene, BLAST, is nice to have
•    Ability to work with evolving demands on multiple projects keeping deliverables in focus
•    Positive attitude to take on challenges with a supportive group of colleagues and leaders