Scientist, Stem Cell (Gene Editing)

Senior Scientist, Stem Cell (Gene Editing)

  HireMinds is helping our Biotech client grow their Universal Stem Cell team and needs your expertise in stem cell gene editing. Our client is taking stem cell therapy to the next level with new iPSC therapies. To do this they will need your expertise in editing iPSC cell lines for clinical use. You will work with research, manufacturing, and clinical stage projects in reporting and developing protocols in the creation of high-quality stem cells for regenerative medicine programs. You will also work with a collaborative team on internal and external partnered programs in finding successful therapies for patients in need. If you are open to this exciting laboratory role contact the HireMinds Lifesciences team today.


In This Role You will:

  • Execute on lab studies of reprogrammed Universal Stem Cell, iPSC cell lines
  • Develop innovative gene editing strategies and approaches for iPSCs
  • Generate edited iPSCs using non-integrating reprogramming technologies.
  • Contribute to the Culture, banking, and characterization of iPSC cell lines
  • Work to define and execute lab research protocols on gene editing of modified iPSC lines
  • Develop and run gene editing experiments to assess modified iPSCs and derivatives
  • Experience with RNA-guided nuclease-based editing and ability to keep up with latest advancements and application of the technology
  • Optimize innovative gene editing strategies for iPSC cell lines
  • Contribute to cell banking strategy and execution with weekly scheduled tasks
  • Draft documentation and help devise protocols in preparation for iPSC manufacturing with manufacturing teams

You Will Be Required To Have:

  • Ph.D. 4+ or MS 8+ years of experience in industry biotech or pharmaceutical setting preferred with stem cell focused work
  • 3+ years of industry biotech or pharmaceutical experience is preference, but client will consider strong Post-Doctoral candidates with relevant publication records in the field
  • Publications in stem cell reprogramming and pluripotent stem cells required
  • Experience in gene editing and molecular technologies: qPCR/ddPCR, CRISPR-Cas9, TALENs, and RNA-guided nuclease-based editing
  • Expertise with hands-on reprogramming of iPSC or other stem cell lines required
  • Experience with pluripotent (iPSC) stem cell culture is preferred
  • Demonstrated experience in reprogramming and pluripotent stem cells
  • Ability to execute on testing assays including: Immunostaining, flow cytometry, and ELISA
  • Adaptability and eagerness to troubleshoot or adjust to scientific changes as necessary
  • Ability to communicate effectively with cross-functional teams and contribute to written reports which will be included in regulatory or clinical filings