Scientist, Protein Engineering (CRISPR-Cas Enzymes)

Scientist, Protein Engineering (CRISPR-Cas Enzymes)
Location: Cambridge, MA


  HireMinds is partnered with a stealth-mode biotech with exceptional scientific Founders and innovative Venture backing focused on developing a proprietary and novel CRISPR-Cas systems for precision medicine use. This team is driving innovative transcriptome gene editing of disease causing RNA with tunable control for safe and effective treatments for patients with rare diseases. In this role you will work from the bench to develop the RNA writing platform, by optimizing a toolbox of RNA-targeting CRISPR-Cas systems to improve nuclease efficiency, selectivity, and enzyme size.  You’ll be relied upon for expertise in experimental protein engineering projects and guide them through a combination of structure-guided and directed evolution approaches.  You will also have a seat at the table and work to devise platform focused research strategies and process improvements. If you are seeking an exciting role to join an amazing team contact HireMinds Biotech & Lifesciences team today to apply and learn more about this career-altering role.

In This Role You Will: 

•    Develop and execute protein engineering campaigns for the optimization of the company’s proprietary RNA writing platform in collaboration with peers from Platform and Biology research teams. 
•    Design and build high-content protein libraries using rational engineering methodologies. 
•    Develop screening assays (in vitro and in vivo) and selection methods for engineered protein variants. 
•    Work with external partners and supervise and manage activities with CRO partners. 
•    Independently execute studies, analyze data, share conclusions, and propose follow up experiments
•    Provide subject matter expertise with regards to Protein and Enzyme studies and maintain familiarity with relevant literature. 
•    Examine data and prepare technical reports, summaries, and presentations. 
•    Work collaboratively in a team environment with various colleagues across multiple disciplines. 

You’ll Bring With You: 

•    PhD in Protein Engineering or Enzymology with 4+ Senior Scientist or 5+ Principal Scientist years’ of industry or Postdoctoral 4+ years’ experience with a strong publication record in Cas-Enzyme space. 
•    Hands-on experience in protein engineering, protein evolution, and rational design methods, with a foundation of protein chemistry training. 
•    Specific experience in CRISPR effector engineering is desired. 
•    Ability to set up high-throughput pipelines to functionally read out large pools of protein variants, use of saturation mutagenesis, and/or continuous directed evolution. 
•    Willingness to implement new strategies, and cutting-edge technologies and methods. 
•    Analytical thinker with excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to adapt to changing priorities and deadlines. 
•    Excellent planning, organization, and time management skills, including the ability to support and prioritize multiple projects and guide team activities to meet company goals. 
•    Desire to be part of a rapidly evolving organization which requires flexibility, and a willingness to take on novel discovery efforts through implementing new strategies and by applying cutting-edge technologies and methods