Scientist, Protein Biochemistry

Scientist, Protein Biochemistry
Location: Berkeley, CA

  HireMinds is working exclusively with a growing Bay Area biotech to find an expert in lab-based Protein Biochemist. With a commitment open publication and scientific transparency this team is innovating how science is done.  In this role you will contribute to discussions about cellular function, protein function and structure and devise and successfully carry out experiments and publish results in real-time. You will thrive in the design and optimize recombinant protein production/expression and develop and evaluate  characterization assays. To be successful you will have experience with using unique protein homologs (bacterial, algae, insect, etc.) in conducting protein biochemistry, protein engineering, and purification techniques. Experience with difficult protein systems including algae and fungi would be valuable to bring as well to this role. If this sounds like an exciting next step for your career apply today! 

You’ll Be Responsible For: 

•    Hands-on expertise in purifying proteins and protein complexes (ex. cytoskeletal proteins) 
•    Development and execution of functional assays including binding and polymerization assays.
•    Contributions to team discussions with subject matter expertise regarding protein function and structure. 
•    You’ll design and optimize recombinant protein production, and develop and evaluate assays. 
•    Devise and pitch your projects in team settings and to management team. 
•    Ability to contribute to publications in an industry setting with focus on open-access. 
•    Contribute to the team in organized fashion with ability to troubleshoot independently. 
•    Provide experience exploring creative solutions for expressing difficult proteins. 

You’ll Bring With You: 

•    Ph.D. or MS in Protein Biochemistry with some industry experience in protein engineering and protein biochemistry field. 
•    Direct hands-on experience reconstituting complex biochemical pathways in vitro.
•    Direct hands-on experience purifying native complexes from complex in vivo mixtures.
•    Experience in concepts including standard chemical and biochemical analytical methods, such as HPLC, FPLC, protein electrophoresis and ELISAs, LC/MS, pull-down assays.
•    Experience with research focused on the cytoskeleton, cell motility, and cellular encystment. 
•    Experience producing and purifying recombinant proteins in bacteria, yeast, insect cells, or algae systems. 
•    A passion for conducting research and sharing findings in open innovation setting. 

Salary Range: $125,000-$165,000