Scientist, Platform Development

MPM NewCo is an exciting, fast-growing startup company in the development of novel, breakthrough therapeutics. We are looking for a motivated scientist to join the Gene Editing/ Platform team.

The ideal candidate will have a very deep understanding of biological systems and gene editing technologies in particular (CRISPR/Cas9, base editors, prime editors, transposases, retrons, integrases, etc.). The Scientist will have extensive hands-on experience in genome editing systems and/or other biomolecular machines. In addition, the successful candidate will be working in a fast-paced and highly collaborative environment and must have the capability to effectively work across multiple domains of expertise and navigate complex projects.

Key Responsibilities:
• Originate, design, and develop proof-of-concept prototypes of novel programmable gene editing systems as part of the Discovery team • Develop various biochemical or genetic assays to demonstrate feasibility, scope, and limitations of novel gene editing systems in vitro and in vivo. • Provide strategic and technical insights to various aspects of genome engineering and discovery engine. • Keep up-to-date with the current literature in the genome editing space and constantly synthesize new ways to address different bottlenecks of the existing genomic medicine technologies.

Key Qualifications:
• PhD and/or post-doctoral training in cell and molecular biology, genetics, biological engineering, synthetic biology, systems biology or related fields. • Deep understanding of biomolecular machines and programmable gene editing technologies. • Creative problem solver who can drive projects from “0 to 1” independently and with minimal supervision. • Demonstrated track record of innovative technology development in gene editing space or related fields • Extensive hands-on experience working with various model systems (in vitro, bacteria, yeast, mammalian cell lines) • Experience with various high throughput sequencing technologies (e.g. illumina, nanopore, PacBio, etc.) is preferred but not required.  • Ability to work and adapt in a fast-paced startup environment is required • Self-motivated, mission-driven, and independent thinker • Excellent collaboration, communication, and interpersonal skills are required