Scientist, Bioinformatics

Scientist, Bioinformatics
Cambridge, MA

Our client is seeking an outstanding Bioinformatics Scientist at the Scientist or Senior Scientist level to join a multidisciplinary team of experimental and computational synthetic biologists and engineers responsible for study, design and optimization of novel therapeutics. The ideal candidate will have experience in analysis, interpretation and method development of diverse Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) data, especially pertaining to analysis of RNA, and a high degree of proficiency in Python and experience in collaborative software development including git version control and test-driven development. The candidate will work as part of a team of bioinformaticians and will develop bioinformatics tools and pipelines to support both custom and standard NGS data analysis.

There is flexibility to work from home 1-2 days per week.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement robust customized data processing pipelines for various NGS data including single-cell RNA-seq, ribosome profiling, and SHAPE-MaP.
  • Perform custom analysis and report generation of large, complex datasets from a variety of experimental assays.
  • Write documentations and tests for the bioinformatics tools and pipelines developed.
  • Work closely with the lead bioinformatician and other scientists
  • Maintain scientific and technical expertise through familiarity with scientific literature
  • Work within an entrepreneurial, highly-collaborative, interdisciplinary, and fast-paced environment


  • PHD in bioinformatics, computational biology or genomics with expertise in RNA biology or Masters experience with industry experience
  • Broad range of current bioinformatics and computational biology tools, methods, and applications
  • Knowledge of molecular biology, especially as related to translatable RNA
  • Excellent analytical and programming skills
  • Knowledge and experience of best-practice software development, including version control, unit and integration testing, documentation, and deployment
  • GitHub repositories and publications that can showcase your skills
  • Excellent communication and time management skills