Research Associate to Associate Scientist, Cell & Molecular Biology 

Research Associate to Associate Scientist, Cell & Molecular Biology
Location: Cambridge, MA

  HireMinds is seeking your expertise in developing cellular and molecular biology assays to add to our clients growing biotech team. You will add your expertise in the development of cellular assay, cell culturing, and add experience in flow cytometry, CRISPR gene editing, and molecular technologies including PCR and DNA/RNA delivery by transfection.  You will help pioneer a platform of first-in-class tRNA-based therapeutics targeting protein dysfunction and nonsense mutation defects in helping patients by joining this team in the lab. If you have industry experience and a passion for lab and building efforts as a foundational team member reach out to the HireMinds team today to learn more and apply. 

In This Role You’ll Be Responsible For: 

•    Work in collaboration and independently on lab projects in the design, planning, and execution of experiments in support of pipeline plans.
•    Provide high-quality biochemical and cell-based assays hands-on skills in support of lead selection and optimization.
•    Devise and execute on critical functional assays to support hit-to-lead and lead optimization. 
•    Lead lab execution of cell-based assays in assessment of oligonucleotide-based compounds. 
•    Manage relationships with external vendors and research partners. 
•     Provide team an In-depth knowledge in assay design, optimization, validation, data analysis and interpretation.
•    Report results with data to supported results to the scientific team and management in written and oral presentations when called upon. 

You'll Bring With You: 
•    MS or BS in biology, cell biology, molecular biology, or a related discipline with 3+ years of industry experience in biotech or pharmaceutical setting. 
•    Extensive hands-on experience in mammalian cell culture, including primary cell culture (e.g., patient fibroblasts and primary hepatocytes)
•    Experience with DNA/RNA delivery by transfection, gene editing (CRISPR), and/or work with oligonucleotide delivery methods (e.g., siRNA, ASOs) to specific cells and tissues (e.g., LNP, GalNAc, etc.) is a plus
•    Hands-on experience with flow cytometry, cell sorting, immunofluorescence, immunohistochemistry and microscopy.
•    Hands-on knowledge of experiment execution with western blot, ELISA, qPCR and molecular cloning.
•    Experience with electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) and SOP development is a plus.
•    Knowledge in data spreadsheets (Excel), GraphPad Prism, Photoshop, Illustrator to generate graphic illustrations of data to support internal reports and regulatory submissions is a plus.
•    Critical data analysis, attention to detail, and troubleshooting abilities.
•    Excellent communication, organization, and problem-solving skills to adapt to an evolving biotech setting and progress projects to decision points.