Protein Engineer (Novel Gene Editing)

Protein Engineer (Novel Gene Editing)
Location: San Francisco Area

HireMinds is working with a new start-up team that’s seeking a highly skilled and motivated Protein Engineer with expertise in DNA-Protein interactions and structural biology technologies to join.
As a Protein Engineer, you will play a key role in designing DNA effector proteins and gene editing tools using proprietary generative AI tools.
The primary focus of this position is to validate and enhance generative AI models on therapeutic targets and work with directed evolution design techniques. As a founding team member Scientist you’ll work in the lab in contributing to the development of proprietary DNA effectors.
In addition you’ll be a valuable expert on protein engineering as part of this growing start-up organization. 
You’ll Be Responsible For: 
• Utilize generative AI tools to design and optimize DNA effector proteins with a specific emphasis on novel gene editing technology.
• Collaborate with a multidisciplinary team of biologists, machine learners, and bioinformaticians to assess, rank, and improve computational designs.
• Contribute to the analysis of functional assay results, providing insights and recommendations for further enhancements.
• Combine wet lab and computational experience to bridge the gap between theoretical designs and practical applications in protein engineer and gene editing biology.
• Stay abreast of the latest advancements in gene editing technology, protein engineering tools, and related fields, incorporating new knowledge into ongoing projects.
• Foster a collaborative and interdisciplinary work environment, sharing expertise and insights with team members and management team. 
You’ll Bring the Following Qualifications:
• Ph.D. degree in Protein Engineering or relevant field such as Molecular Biology, Biochemistry. 
• Demonstrate working history in biochemistry and structural biology to inform rational and experimental design of DNA effector proteins, including nucleases and integrases (e.g., recombinases, retrotransposons).
• Proven experience in designing DNA effector proteins, with a focus on  DNA-protein binding with integrases, transposons and/or zinc fingers.
• Hands-on experience in wet lab techniques related to protein engineering, gene editing, and DNA manipulation.
• Familiarity with generative AI tools and computational methods for protein engineering including AlphaFold.
• Excellent communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively within a multidisciplinary team.
If you are passionate about pushing the boundaries of gene editing technologies and contributing to groundbreaking advancements, we encourage you to apply. Join our client in shaping the future of therapeutic interventions through innovative protein engineering and gene editing approaches.