Marketing Director

Director of Marketing

Our client, an upstart cannabis brand, is looking for a Director of Marketing to bring their products to the next level.
Our client has a 4 year track record developing high quality, artisanal products. Available in 100s of New England based dispensaries, there products have a robust and loyal following. As they look to scale further, they are looking for the right Director of Marketing to join the team.

This is the perfect position for a brand marketer looking to own and develop the marketing function within a growing brand. The Director of Marketing will set strategy, helping expand growth into new markets, driving both sales and partnerships. This person will manage a small team and report to the CEO. Apply today!



  • Develop comprehensive marketing strategies that focus on brand and sales growth

  • Ensure consistent brand messaging across all platforms

  • Oversee digital marketing efforts, including social media, email marketing,
    SEO/SEM, and content creation


  • Analyze market trends and consumer behavior to identify opportunities for
    expansion and competitive advantage


  • Manage marketing budgets and allocate resources efficiently to maximize


  • Build and maintain relationships with media, influencers, and community
    organizations to enhance brand reputation and community engagement


  • Lead, mentor, and develop the marketing team, fostering a culture of
    creativity, collaboration, and continuous improvement


  • Measure and report on the performance of marketing campaigns, adjusting
    strategies as needed to achieve business objectives


Preferred Qualifications


  •  6+ years of CPG marketing experience; wellness, lifestyle, or cannabis experience a plus

  • Strong understanding of brand development, digital marketing, and
    consumer psychology


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to inspire
    a team and build strong external partnerships


  • Proven track record of developing successful marketing strategies and
    campaigns that drive growth and enhance brand equity


  • Analytical mindset with experience in market research, data analysis, and
    metrics-driven marketing


  • Commitment to sustainability, community engagement, and ethical
    business practices