Head of Platform Innovation 

Head of Platform Innovation 

  HireMinds is exclusively partnered with a growing seed-stage biotech that is developing a chemoproteomics drug discovery platform. In building their team they need you to establish and lead a team of researchers in High-Throughput Screening chemical library design, Synthetic biology (CRISPR), and Computational data analysis in building small molecule compound libraries.  You’ll lead a team and oversee their utilization of the latest techniques in: cell culture, automated assays, small molecule drug design, and synthetic biology. As leader of innovation you’ll help the biology, chemistry, and computational teams in uncovering compounds discovered with a novel chemoproteomics platform. You will help design and execute on platform innovation efforts and lead a team in this important early hire for the team, so you should be comfortable in “building-mode” biotech settings. If this role excites you reach out to Chris Clancy at HireMinds  today to learn more and apply. 

In This Role You Will: 

•    Collaborate with Totus Chemistry and Chemical Biology groups to drive the synthesis of drug-like covalent libraries
•    Conceive, optimize and deploy highly parallelized screening technology to accelerate Hit Identification at unprecedented scale with new high-content methods
•    Collaborate with peers on Computational team to analyze the vast data coming off the screening platform as this is an exciting opportunity to generate unique datasets for advanced ML/SBDD 
•    Selection and validation of high-quality hit compounds for advancement into the companies drug discovery pipeline
•    Ability to recruit and manage a team of researchers to guide new platform innovation and scale-able technologies efforts

You Are Required To Bring: 

•    Ph.D. degree with focus in Chemical Biology, Protein Engineering, Synthetic Biology or similar field with ~10 years of drug discovery experience and 5 years of leadership of discovery teams
•    Demonstrated excellence in the conception, optimization and production-scale deployment of scaled screening platforms yielding small-molecule or protein therapeutics
•    Demonstrated publication record in elite journals, (e.g. Nature Biotech, JACS, Nat Chem Bio, Cell)
•    5 plus years of team leadership in platform innovation and oversight of lab efforts including: chemical biology, cell biology, synthetic biology, and computational data capture and analysis 
•    Passion to both generate and leverage vast datasets; while not a requirement, experience in relevant programming languages, Python and/or R, and scientific computing is a strong plus to hold in helping computational teams translate data readouts
•    A strong desire to use technology and creative solutions to address clinical unmet medical need is essential as a platform pioneer who is dedicated to cross-pollination across groups
•    Adaptability and eagerness to troubleshoot or adjust to scientific changes as necessary
•    Ability to communicate effectively with cross-functional teams and contribute to pipeline advancement Go/No-Go decision making