Field Support Engineer

HireMinds' medical device partner is transforming the organ transplant industry with their unique and innovative organ perfusion device. They are improving patient outcomes and expanding the pool of viable donor organs – and they need your help to save lives! 

Position Summary

As Field Support Engineer, you will take charge of on-site service and repair of complex electromechanical medical devices designed for organ preservation.  You will provide technical support for the preservation units in North America to ensure that product reliability, quality, and availability are maintained. An important component of this role is that all documentation relevant to installation, service, repair, and rework be completed in compliance with FDA “Good Documentation Practice” and “Good Manufacturing Practice”.  



Under direction from the Product Support Manager, the Field Support Engineer will be responsible for:

1.        Organizing and providing on-site service and repair of our devices:

a.      Travel to hospitals and research facilities within North America, primarily the US and Canada

b.     Work directly with customers to plan routine on-site services and other maintenance or repair of the equipment

c.      Conduct on-site or back-to-base root cause investigations and re-work of devices

d.      Perform Installation Testing, Post-Rework Soak and Acceptance Testing

e.      Ensure work orders and service visits are completed within set time frames

f.       Assist with major back-to-base repairs or device upgrades in our workshop when necessary

g.   Fill in for urgent technical needs for devices placed outside North America when the engineer assigned for that region is not available

h.      Work with your Manager to maintain stock of spare parts and consumables necessary for the technical support of the devices within North America

i.       Manage a local spare part stock in North America under the guidance of Product Support Manager

j.       Provide management, maintenance, and recalibration of various test equipment, battery calibrators, tools and accessories required for technical service within North America

2.  Complete technical documentation as required under the regulatory frameworks and standards for medical devices

a.      Complete technical reports to a high standard

b.     Assist the Product Support Manager in maintaining the technical documentation and device history records

c.      Ensure that vendor credentialing requirements are current

d.  Complete all documentation in compliance with Good Documentation Practice and our Quality Management System




  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in electrical, electronic, mechanical, or biomedical engineering, or other relevant discipline (required)

  • 3 years or more industry experience servicing and repairing Medical Devices or other complex critical devices

  • Solid hands-on experience with a broad range of test equipment, including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers and data loggers (required)

  • A strong and broad working knowledge of electrical and mechanical engineering systems and software (required)

  •  A good track record of demonstrating analytical problem-solving skills

  • Enthusiasm, good communication skills, and ability to work effectively in a multi-disciplinary team

  • Ability to produce Technical Reports to a high standard in terms of technical content, presentation, and written English

  • Freedom to travel  within North America to carry out servicing, repairs, troubleshooting, and other device maintenance activities as required

  • Commitment to travel with a short notice and to stay away from home for several consecutive days at a time. Travel will average 60% of working time; this could potentially increase to 80% of working time during specific peaks of activity (such as deployment of fleet-wide upgrades)

  • Prior experience servicing, repairing, testing, and troubleshooting medical devices within hospital environments and research facilities (preferred)

  • Willingness to work unsocial hours, including weekends and public holidays, when necessary to support customer needs

  • Possession of a driver’s license with ability to drive within the US and Canada

  • Good written and verbal communication skills in English (essential)

  • Be friendly, approachable, and have excellent interpersonal skills

  • Be prepared to accept a high degree of responsibility

  • Highly observant of people and procedures

  • An analytical approach to problem solving

  • Willingness to work alone within hospital/laboratory environments

  • Excellent knowledge of key office software, including Excel, Word and PowerPoint (required)

  •  Experience working with Safety and Quality Standards applicable to medical devices (preferred).