Contract Research Associate (Mammalian Cell Culture)

We’ve partnered with an exciting biotech company focusing on addressing critical organ failure and helping patients live healthier lives, and we need your help! We’re looking for a contractor with hands-on laboratory work including but not limited to media changes, assembly and preparation of bioreactors, and performing cell morphology and phenotype staining.    

Key Responsibilities:

  • Follow protocols and procedures for evaluation of tissue engineered products

  • Assist in establishing protocols and procedures for seeding and culturing cells in bioreactor and perfusion systems

  • Work with novel biomaterials, peptides, and media formulations to evaluate various biological outcomes

  • Conduct assessments on cell morphology, behavior, and phenotype

  • Perform microscopy to assess cell morphology and behavior

  • Design and execute studies collaboratively and independently

  • Prepare and maintain reagents, media, and disposables

  • Maintain and assemble bioreactors and culture systems

  • Report experimental results and data to scientists and engineers

  • Maintain critical materials and reagents needed 

  • Record experimental details and findings in electronic notebook

  • Perform other duties as assigned


  • BS in Biology, Physiology, or Biomedical Engineering or related field

  • 2 years’ experience in a life science research laboratory

  • Experience in aseptic technique and mammalian cell culture



  • Experience with bioreactors and culture systems 
  • Experience with microscopy and cell/tissue imaging