Computational Biologist, NGS

Our client is a well-funded Boston biotech startup founded in 2020. They are creating technologies that design drugs faster – with the goal of saving patient lives faster.

We are recruiting for a Computational Biologist, NGS to join their team. Ideally, you have deep technical expertise working with DNA sequence data and rigorous statistical analyses.

 If you're interested in learning more, please contact and if your experience aligns, we will schedule an interview for you and the hiring manager asap.


  • Build NGS analysis pipelines and identify patterns in the mapping from sequence to function
  • Design experiments and interpret results in collaboration with the experimental team
  • Develop the data processing infrastructure in a useable, scalable manner
  • Lay the foundation for growing the computational biology and ML/Design teams over time


  • PhD and ~5 years of academic/industry experience working with biological sequence data

If you have the following, please don’t hesitate to apply!

  • Experience designing and assaying libraries of DNA, protein, gRNAs, promoter regions, etc. in multiplex
  • Experience predicting structure and/or function directly from sequence data
  • Experience working in the wet lab or directly with wet lab experimental scientists
  • Experience applying machine learning to biological problems
  • Experience with screening-based methods with an NGS readout, e.g. DMS, MPRA, CRISPR screening, cancer screens, single cell sequencing
  • Strong understanding of statistics fundamentals

Contact to apply and interview soon.