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Job ID: 15976 Direct Hire MA

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VP, Learning Technology and Innovation

Leading a group of creative content experts, and skilled technology professionals, the ideal candidate will support our communication and learning efforts in multiple ways. Whether it is creating professional and engaging video content, designing a new platform for mobile learning or experimenting with new types of learning we will be pushing the bar to create a new generation of great associates.

The ideal candidate is a player-coach who can produce bold, creative learning content, and put in place innovative platforms to deliver that content at the point of need. You’ll work with subject matter experts from inside and outside the organization and use multiple tactics to bring their vision to life for our associates. We want a special person to join us on this journey!

Check out the day-in-the-life responsibilities:

  • Use design-thinking, or similar methodology, to understand the best way to enable our associates’ success on the job.
  • Work to build or buy the most effective technology platforms for learning delivery.
  • Oversee a content creation team that produces world class video, eLearning, micro-games and other forms of learning content.
  • Work in an innovation lab that will enable the testing of new learning content, methods and technology.
  • Build a video production studio that can record, produce professional grade video content.
  • Find new ways to embed behavioral science theories into the workflow of our associates in ways that enable their success. 
  • Work with our internal and external partners to validate the impact of learning on the performance of our associates.  
  • Be an active member of the larger learning community inside and outside of our walls. Leveraging this community to stay on the cutting edge of learning technology.

Here’s what you should be really good at:

  • Finding really creative approaches to solving messy human problems. Think of it as creating “life hacks” for our workforce. – wacky, fun, serious… whatever works best for the circumstance, audience and brand.
  • Moving quickly to deliver solutions from theory to practice. Launch, learn, iterate!
  • Delivering the goods – You have to actually demonstrate that your associates behave differently as a result of your efforts.
  • Putting yourself in the shoes of your audience and delivering experiences in ways that resonate with them.
  • Being experimental and entrepreneurial. Pretend we are trying to build a level of learning and development that has never been attempted (we are).
  • Playing well with others and having fun – we’re going to be spending a lot of time together, we’d best be having a good time along the way.
  • Emotional Intelligence, including outstanding interpersonal, teamwork and organizational skills and including a collaborative mindset.
  • Because you believe today’s workforce is inspired in many different ways you find ways to make sure content/experiences are compelling, “meets them where they are at” and cuts through the noise.

Finally, here’s the type of background we think you need to do this role well

  • Degree in learning technology or related field.
  • 10+ years of professional experience in learning technology or a related field (this should be your profession, not a hobby).
  • Deep seated interest in all things learning technology.
  • Creative spark and a talent for visualization.
  • A demonstrated track record of using innovative methods to develop people, and get meaningful business results.
  • You’ve worked in collaborative environments and get the need to balance the agendas of other functions and how we can all work together to support the overall employee experience.
  • Clear examples where you have created and managed large scale platform deployments (LMS, video platforms etc.).
  • You have a track record of rolling up your sleeves and using your skills to get meaningful business results (did we say that twice?).
  • Anything else that will convince us that you take your craft seriously, you are good at what you do and you are not the enemy of fun at work.